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Saturday, October 9, 2021

Day 9 - A Quiet Multitude of Little Miracles

 Sometimes a painting turns out so adorable and sweet, it just has to have a title that reflects what my heart feels when I look at it. This is one of them.  I know the title seems big and perhaps a bit much for this sweet little piglet on a cupcake in a teacup... with raspberries. But, here is the quote that I borrowed the title from - 

"It's a quiet multitude of little miracles that makes life sweet" - Marjorie P Hinckley

When I read this quote, it seemed the perfect pairing with this painting, and the painting seemed a perfect visual to metaphorically describe it.  I couldn't agree more with Marjorie's sentiment.  Yes there are big, monumental events in life that can make life extra amazing and special, but most days are just not like that.  Most days are mundane while we go through the routines and moments that make it up.  I find that there are, however, multitudes of little miracles sprinkled through out every single one of my mundane days that indeed make my days sweet and good.  This little painting (only 8"x8"), quietly packs in a multitude of unexpected bits of joy, and it amounts to a sweet composition of yum! ♥

A Quiet Multitude of Little Miracles, oil on panel, 8"x8", click here for purchasing info 

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