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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Day 10 - Party Line

 Today's painting is a little bigger than I usually paint on - 12"x12".. not big by some artist's standards, but I usually keep it on the smaller side, maybe because I enjoy the intimacy of smaller paintings.  With this beautiful stag's majestic antlers and unwavering stare I definitely wanted to go a wee bit bigger. I kept the paint loose and juicy, plus have been getting some mileage out of my new tube of phthalo turquoise... am loving this new addition to my palette :)

And, I guess this one is also a further look into the Three Little Birds theme I've been exploring.  Today's birds are chickadees, a bird I have found to be quite the popular little bird among people I've talked to.. I like them too, and they make a nice, graphic addition to many of my paintings.

Scroll down to see a detail that shows some of the yummy paint a little better.. 

"Party Line", oil on panel, 12"x12", purchasing details here

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