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Friday, October 8, 2021

Day 8 - Riley's World

Today's painting is in honor of a special woman and her menagerie of animals that I follow on Instagram.  I discovered her because she has purchased some of my artwork in the past and now I follow her because of her very big heart and daily, heartwarming posts.  She is the caretaker of a good many animals and it is apparent that she loves them very, very much.  This painting is of her Donkey, Riley who is a 23 year old white donkey.  I love seeing her daily posts about all of her animals and Riley is just one of them.  They all have awesome personalities and Pam has wonderful story telling skills.  Her creatures bring her a lot of joy, but, sometimes she describes hard days too, where the donkeys aren't cooperating, (or have attacked her dog,) or when they need to take medicine but give her issues.  And, as a non-sequitur, one of her horses loves Peeps and she keeps a jar of them for him... Currently she is fostering a baby donkey that she rescued from a bad situation who is now in need of a forever home. I'd take the baby donkey if I could, but.. alas, I have no pasture, barn or companion animal for him.  I hope to paint more of her wonderful animals but, here is Riley, a particularly handsome donkey who got to be first in line.  :)  If you are interested in finding out more about these wonderful animals, you can check out her page on Instagram here - @pamnoahandtheboys. And if you want to find out more about her foster donkey Gus, she has created a page just for him here - @adoptgusthedonkey

And bonus! scroll to the bottom for pictures of Riley and Gus :)

Riley's World, Oil on Panel, 10"x10", click here for purchasing details

A post from Riley's birthday

Gus the Foster Donkey

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