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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The Day After - 28 in 28 Collage

 It is a lot of fun to see all of the paintings together and satisfying to know that I worked my tail off this past month!  I spent much of the month pursuing themes and series that I have been exploring for the past year or so... Cupcakes, stackers, Spirit Animals, teacups and ducks.. and I started a few new things too - namely Watercolor!  I only posted 3 of the watercolor paintings I completed this past month, but I've painted nearly 10 paintings so far.. some better than others, but all so much fun and such an exciting new medium to explore.

7 of the challenge paintings have found new homes, 1 of them is at Studio B in Boyertown and won and award, 6 of them found their way down to the Square Pear Art Gallery in Kennett Square, and even more of them will be in Art Plus Gallery’s upcoming March/April exhibit. Yay!! That being said, if there is one you are interested in but have been him hawing.. don’t wait!  It may not be available for for long..

Thanks again for following along and reading my ramblings.. Happy March and happy creating!

Monday, February 28, 2022

Day 28 - Caribou Interview

 Another challenge has come to an end... The past few weeks of painting and posting have been a wonderful affirmation of art, great art friends and art lovers!  What a fun ride it has been!  

Today's painting, titled "Caribou Interview" was a design I've had waiting to be painted for quite some time. It works that way sometimes, where I will design a painting, and then, for some reason, its just not the right time to paint it.  But then, all of a sudden it is!  I knew I wanted to paint this sweet caribou for the last day of the challenge, perhaps simply because she just makes me happy.

A few facts and then I'll wrap this up.. Did you know that caribou and a reindeer are the same animal? True.  And how do I know this caribou is a girl?  Because, while both males and females get antlers, the female's antlers are narrower and straighter.. and, lastly, they can run at top speeds of about 50 km per hour (31 mph).. 

Thank you again for following along this month :) It means the world to me that you come in and take the time to read my ramblings and comment on my artwork. Tomorrow, I will post a collage of all the work I created this month, so don't forget to check back!

"Caribou Interview", oil, 8"x8", Click here for purchasing details

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Day 27 - A Rocky Start

While we are nearing the end of the February challenge, I am just beginning my journey in watercolor.  It's actually not been a rocky start at all, the contrary in fact.. but this study was partially about one way of painting rocks in watercolor and that is the title that popped in my head, so, it is...  

This method of painting rocks is a neat trick that involves a credit card and timing, plus the proper amount of paint and water.  But once you know, you know.  And, while this was not the main painting we created during this particular class (it was just a study to practice rocks) it is actually one of my favorites from the class so far.  I love just about everything in it.. how the colors blended, the trees.. the rocks, of course, and the reflections.  The mountains in the background were actually put in in a different class when Mick was teaching us a method of painting distant, snow-covered mountains.  I had painted them and added a wash on the rest of the paper and then put the mountain practice aside.. A few weeks later, when he had us practicing rocks, I pulled out my mountain study and decided to use them as the backdrop for a rocky spit of land.. I'm glad I did!  

"A Rocky Start", watercolor on Arches rough paper, 8"x12", NFS

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Day 26 - Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

 This is the latest in my Spirit Animal series, where I focus on animals as symbolic guides that help us through our lives.  This one features a coyote and 3 crows.  Coyotes are known for their ingenuity and adaptability, while crows are known for their intelligence and symbolize the mysteries of existence. I've painted both animals before, and have paired them together as well.. They seem to belong together somehow, as if their energies work together.. 

 In my painting, Coyote is joined by 3 crows (thought patterns?) to remind us that we are adaptable.. there is always the possibility of change.  I am a firm believer that if we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change..  Of course, thinking can not change everything.. My daughter reminded me that you can not 'think' away all of your problems.  But, a lot of problems are caused by how we are thinking about them.  Shift your perspective and observe what happens...  

Another variation on this theme is this quote that I came across: If you don't like where you are.. move!  You are not a tree..  Love that!  

"Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life", oil and cold wax, 11"x14", 

Friday, February 25, 2022

Day 25 - Eventide

 Today's painting is one I did with the watercolor class I am taking with Mick McAndrews.  I've known that watercolor is one of the more difficult mediums to paint with, and am seeing first hand how challenging it can be.  Some of the more challenging aspects I have found involve letting go..  

Letting go...
...of what I know about painting with oils - because watercolors physically and chemically work different..
...of having control.. because watercolor often does what it wants to, and can have unexpected results
...of what I know about substrates (what you paint on) because paper is COMPLETELY different than board or canvas and the outcome truly depends on the quality of the paper
...and of how pigments work.. because depending on the pigment, it may do things that it never will do as an oil paint..
So, it is a fascinating challenge, learning this medium, and is appealing to the nerdy, scientific side of me.

Titled "Eventide", this image was an exercise about painting boats (more rigging!), creating emphasis and a focal point, how to create that diffused, melty look the setting sun sometimes has, reflections, color mixing, and more that I am not remembering right now.. Lots of fun!

"Eventide", watercolor on Arches rough 140 lb paper, 16"x12", NFS

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Day 23 - Maybe it's Neighbelline

Yes, I am one of those people who find satisfaction in a good pun.. and this one fits the bill.. 

I'm not sure if Maybelline, the cosmetic company, still uses the tag line "Maybe she's born with it... maybe it's Maybelline.." but, you can see where this pun came from :)  Made me laugh when I came across it and, well, frankly, all horses are beautiful creatures naturally, and white horses can be particularly stunning.. so, of course, this title was the one.

Titling my work:  Sometimes I am lucky and a title just comes to me as I'm painting the painting.  Other times, not so much.  When this happens, I will do some research on the animal or subject matter I am painting (which I do anyway) and as I read about it, a title often emerges. 

This is the companion painting to yesterday's half of a horse, "Horse sense".  I like to paint in twos, or threes (sometimes more..) because often one painting doesn't quite satisfy my desire to explore the subject.  With this one, I truly was wanting to hone my skills of painting a horse (not an easy animal to paint, I will admit) as well as experiment with this half of a horse composition.  Again, I am interested in the negative space around the horse, maybe not as much as, but in addition to the horse itself. :)

"Maybe It's Neighbelline", oil, 7"x7", click here for purchasing details

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Day 23 - Horse Sense

 "Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people." - W.C.Fields

Fields may have been making a joke with this turn of words, and yet there is a bit to unpack here.. :) My thoughts about what he may have meant when he said this lean towards the often unpredictability and sometimes unreliability of human nature.. is it any surprise that animals are many people's best friends?  

On another topic, I am happy to announce that I have been invited to be an exhibiting artist in the Art Gallery at the Devon Horse Show :)  Growing up in Chester County, PA, I always knew when the Devon Horse Show was happening.  Surrounded by horse country, many of my classmates had horses and would go. I never had the chance to attend (or reason to at that time..) so I am excited that I'll be going this year, and have the chance to see it from an artist's perspective.  As one might expect, I've had horses on the brain lately...  

Today's painting is of a painted horse, focusing on his front half... I love how the negative space is emphasized by composing the design in this way. :)

"Horse Sense", oil, 7"x7", click here for purchasing details

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