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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Day 27 of the 28 in 28... Snail-Karoo Bonsai

 So, growing up in the 80's, I of course knew of the iconic movie, "The adventures of Buckaroo Banzai across the 8th dimension".  It was one of my Dad's favorites, for reasons then unknown to me.  I still have not watched the movie  (I know, shame on me!), but as I was painting this one, the title Buckaroo Banzai was all I could think of.  So, that is how the title was born.  I did a little digging on the subject and found out two interesting facts.  

1. The word in the title of the movie is Banzai.  According to Wikipedia, Banzai is "a traditional Japanese exclamation meaning "ten thousand years" of long life." It was apparently also tied up with Japanese kamakaze battle techniques, which I have no interest in.. so I didn't read any further about that.  

Now, the other word which is phonetically identical is Bonsai... This is a Chinese word that literally means "Tree in a pot".  Why does that make me smile?  Dunno.. but, I'm ok with that, and, since Miss Snail Hawkings is sporting a Bonsai tree, I decided to keep with this spelling.  All the same, I like the meaning of the other word, Banzai, so.. take from that what you will... and here is the painting :)

"Snail-Karoo Bonsai", oil on panel, 8"x8"
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