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Monday, March 1, 2021

A new month to create art :) (and my 28 in 28 collage)

 It is always a shock when the month has ended and you realize the challenge is over... I'm telling you, there is a little bit of sadness along with the afterglow from the experience.  Immersing yourself in your artwork for the month is like being in an incubator and to emerge the first day of the new month can be kind of hard. Making a collage of all the work I created helps put things into perspective.. It is always wonderful to see it all together.. and a bit amazing too! This collage was a challenge in itself due to there being 28 paintings and a few that are odd sizes.. Here is what I came up with.. :)

That being said, I had such a wonderful time this past month, exploring some ideas and trying out a new one with my snail series.  Some things I'll keep and explore more!  I am always so thankful for the feedback on my work every day.. it is so valuable.. My most commented on and liked painting was "Moove Over Andy" which was a huge surprise! (See below collage) I love this one too, but just didn't expect it to be such a hit!  It will continue to have a life as I plan to use the image in some marketing for an upcoming show.  Another great thing is I sold 5 of the paintings!  Doing challenges like this are beneficial in so many ways and ultimately I'm always thankful I did them!  

Moove Over Andy, oil on panel, 9"x12"

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