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Thursday, February 25, 2021

DAy 25 of the 28 in 28 - Moove over Andy.. and what keeps me coming back...

I know this is a pretentious title, but it is what came to me.  I would never deign to say that my paintings could come close to replacing Andy Warhol's iconic work.. but.. there's a cow in the teacup, man...  I had to!

In addition to exploring my foray into painting Tea Cup Critters, I continue to consider the balloon motif.  In my RhinOlive post the other day, I mentioned how much I love color and brush work.. and that is what keeps me coming back.  Well, I also love that I can just take motifs and follow them wherever my brain wants to take them... I've now paired the balloon with birds, a fish, a cat, a rabbit.. some ducks, and now a cow.. and each iteration carries with it completely different connotations, feelings and if nothing else, visual interest.  So, THAT... that keeps me coming back for more too.. :)

"Moove Over Andy", oil on panel, 9"x12"
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