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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Day 23 of the 28 in 28 - RhinOlive

 Ok, so this is not the smartest title in the world... I am typing this one at around 11 p.m. and my title brain is not functioning at optimal levels.. Be that as it may, I do love painting jars of olives. The muted greens and pops of red are saweet and painting them all squashed into a glass jar is even better. Add to the mix the fact that this was my first foray into painting Rhinos and this proved to be an all around fun painting to do :)  I can't say why jars of olives call for an animal atop, but I've painted them before with zebras, horses and even ducks, and it just makes sense to may aesthetic.  I'm not going to question this one.  Just let it be.

Check out the detail below for one of my favorite parts of the painting.

RhinOlive, oil on panel, 10"x10"
to purchase, please click here

One of the reasons I love painting is my ongoing love affair with color and brush stroke.  Sometimes magic happens and the color just zings and the juicy brushwork sings.. and that is what keeps me coming back for more.. ♥

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