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Friday, September 16, 2016

Day 16 - Under the Big Oak

My usual method of painting is what is known as alla prima - meaning 'all at once'.  This means that I paint wet paint into wet paint and  try to paint the entire painting in one day (That could mean several to many hours depending on the size and complexity).  If scale and time do not allow, than I will make sure that I complete a section so that I don't have to work into it in the next sitting.
There are some paintings, however, that I have started, and, well, couldn't figure out how to finish.  Or knew there were still problems with it, but just couldn't figure out how to solve the.  It happens.  
This was one such painting.  I had the general landscape sitting around in my studio for over a year.  I decided I was ready to finish it today!  
I changed some values and colors... pushed some bushes and trees around a bit, and, in sticking to the figurative theme of this 30 in 30 for me, I added the 2 tiny people in the middle ground.  I'm calling this one done!

Under the Big Oak, oil, 12"x12"
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