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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Day 17 - Selfie

When you are an artist and you start putting your work out there for everyone to see, you must set aside any misgivings about your own work and throw away your insecurities. You just have to do it.  Because, if you worried that someone wouldn't like it, or someone might say bad things, than you just wouldn't do it, and then, no one would ever know that you are an artist.  And, fyi, once you start getting your work out there you realize that not many (if any) people say any bad things and most say kind and encouraging words...
However... painting and posting a self portrait is a little different.... But guess what?  I painted a self portrait today, and I am posting it here and I am throwing away any insecurities I may have thought I had about it!  Actually I don't feel self conscience about it at all, but I was thinking I would!  After getting into the meat of this painting though, I found I was having a ton of fun and it was coming out better than I hoped.  I wasn't entirely married to the idea of making it a perfect replica of my.  More, I just wanted it to reflect me, if that makes sense.  I am posting the painting and the photograph if you are interested in comparing.  And for those of you who know me, I wear glasses for reading, computing, and definitely painting.... all the time.  So, this is me, as artist.  I'm wearing my black painting apron here too, which is a constant when I am in the studio.

Selfie, oil, 9"x12"

Photograph of me


  1. I clicked on this...and only for the 30-day challenge because it was the painting that immediately appealed to my artistic eye. The expression you captured of yourself and its rendering is awesome! So you go, girl, and continue painting because you are inspiring!

  2. Really nice job on this one Karen!!

  3. You have captured the childlike essence, that I can only assume you possess. The wide eyed wonder and fearlessness we have in youth. I think the painting is beautiful, as is the artist! Well done!

  4. I always end up clicking on your paintings in the 30/30 challenge and end up back here. I love your art and the self portrait is amazing! Thanks for being fearless and keeping me motivated and inspired to keep growing in my own journey!

  5. Truly think you have something there :)


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