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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Day 10 - The Shark

1/3 of the way through this challenge and for me, its been the best one yet.  This is the fifth one I've participated in and I learn so much from each one.  In this one, I feel like I am taking a workshop every day with all I am discovering.
Some paintings are easier than others to complete.  The whys are varied and include things like humidity, my frame of mind, my connection with the subject and how well I have planned.  This painting was a bear to finish, and the odd thing was that I thought it was going to be a snap!  After fighting with it for a few hours, I determined that the issue was mainly the dryness of the air in my studio.  When the air is too dry, I find the paint to be very uncooperative and it doesn't move around as well as I'd like.  So, all in all, I like the composition and I enjoyed abstracting the background. If I were to do it again, I'd paint it bigger, and make sure there was enough medium on the board to help keep the paint flowing as I like.  This is from a picture I took years ago at the fire house bar I used to cook at.  There was almost always a pool game going on and this guy didn't mind me snapping a few of him playing.

The Shark, oil, 6"x10",
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