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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Day 3 - Layers 1

Today's painting is one of 2 that I designed to be hung as a pair, or separately.  The original idea came from a much smaller stripey I did awhile ago and posted on instagram. I got so much positive feedback on that one little stripey that I decided to try it bigger.  Due to the dimensions, however, I needed to re-think it on two canvases.
Stripeys evolved from end of the painting session excuses to use up all of the left over paint on my palette.  I often save my paint by freezing it (this keeps oil paint fresh for much longer than just covering it)  But eventually the paint that I have saved over and over just needs to go because I need to start afresh with clean colors.  Nothing wrong with the old paint... just ready to move on.... So, I would grab a small panel, take my palette knife and just start painting it on in a purely abstract way. Some of theses turn out to be pretty interesting!  I like using the palette knife because it frees me from thinking about subject and just lets me talk about paint, color and composition in a purely elements and principles kind of way...  And... it allows me to use paint like a millionaire! (that is, lots of it!)  My recent stripeys are layer upon layer of paint.... in essence paintings over paintings.... It is what makes them so appealing to me!
So, here is Layers 1.  Below it is a close up of some of the juiciness, and below that is what Layers 1 could look like in your house!  Both paintings are custom framed and will be in the new show at Art Plus Gallery, opening January 8th.  Click here for details.

Layers 1, oil and cold wax, 16" x 20", framed
To purchase, please click here

Layers 1  Closeup

Layers 1  ~ Could be in your house!

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