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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Day 2 - Foxes and Cookbooks

I am going to try to stick to 3 themes with this 30 in 30.... I may waver a bit if an image just needs to be painted but doesn't quite fit one of the categories, but, the 3 themes are "Stripeys" (you saw one yesterday...), landscapes (could also be sky scapes), and lastly, "Vintage".  Today's painting fits into the Vintage category.  One of my kitchen cabinets is home to many vintage cookbooks, including the Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook, which possibly every American housewife has owned at some point, the classic Fannie Farmer cookbook (which I took with me when I traveled to Scotland many years ago and which amused Scottish and British girls to no end) and my two Vegetarian Epicure cookbooks which were staples of the early Vegetarian movement...  
I also have these two very cute fox salt and pepper shakers that I got much more recently, and don't qualify as vintage, but... they look so good standing guard over my cookbooks, they needed to be in the painting!  This one was painted with basically a primary color scheme (Red, yellow and blue...) As a point of interest, the 'green' in the background was made using yellow and black!  Just a little paint mixing trick I picked up somewhere along the way... :)

Foxes and Cookbooks, oil on panel, 11"x14",
to purchase, click here

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