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Friday, January 15, 2016

Day 15 - Where Elephants Walk

Today's painting is a continuation of some new techniques I have been developing through this 30 in 30 challenge.  Every time I have participated in the 30 in 30 I learn so many things... about technique...working habits, color mixing, how much my family supports me.... and much more...
On a serious note, elephants turn up in my consciousness rather often and I feel compelled to paint them from time to time.  I feel deeply saddened and angered about their treatment as show animals and about the stupidity and selfishness of the poachers who kill them for ivory.  This elephant is in response to the recent announcement that Ringling Bros. will be retiring their elephants early due to increased pressure and scrutiny of their cruel treatment.  I hope that some day, elephants will just be left to live their lives free from the dangers of man.

Well, also, this girl isn't finished yet.  The painting is 20"x 20", and I just really didn't want to rush it.  Believe it or not, painting stripes is time consuming... not to mention the design aspect of things.  So this entry will be a two part entry.  Tune in tomorrow for part deux!
Btw, thanks Marty Ressler for title idea...:)

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  1. Amazed that you are painting a 20x20 for the 30 in 30! I enjoyed following the progress of this painting and appreciate your being so conscious of the elephants. I am so glad you visited my blog, so I could visit yours and discover your work. Thank you for your comment on my blog...I will read more of yours.


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