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Sunday, January 31, 2016

30 Days of Painting...

I have re-titled my challenge this month to 30 days of painting.... I completed 26 paintings this month, but as I said yesterday, made it to my studio to paint for all but 1 of those 30 days. The one day I didn't paint, I was thinking about painting while shoveling snow! So, as in previous challenges, those who participate create a collage of all of the work they made during the month, and it is a great thing to see!  I love looking at all of the work I made side by side to compare, contrast and see the connections.  At the outset, I decided to focus on 3 things.... exploring Stripey abstracts, Vintage things and landscapes.  Some nice things came of limiting myself to these things. About midway, I decided to try combining the stripey theme with my more traditional painting style and subjects.  I love the result and plan on further pushing this idea to see where I go with it.  I hope you enjoyed following me and thank you again for your comments and support!

Collage of the January 2016 30 Days of Painting challenge


  1. Hi Karen, nice collage - beautiful pieces - the stripes are so intriguing! Checked out all of them, tennis shoes are awesome, but my faves are the chickens!

  2. Love your chickens, and seeing your work each day. Congratulations on a terrific month!


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