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Friday, January 2, 2015

Ordinary Glasses

Sometimes ordinary isn't so ordinary... I chose this subject to paint as a kind of "sister painting to my painting "Laila's Platter, Ella's Glass", thinking that it would be a relatively simple painting to create.  Boy was I off.. For those of you who are painters, you know that a painting happens at the edges... edges are almost everything!  And this composition has more edges than I thought could fit in one image... I, for some reason didn't realize this when choosing to paint it today... but must have been attracted to the image in my dish drainer for some reason!
Actually, I am very interested in the ordinary... I think the ordinary is where life happens most of the time (kind of like edges...) so that is why I was drawn to this.  I find it fascinating that the ordinary can change so completely to complex and abstracted... Anyway, here is my 2nd installment to the 30 in 30... "Ordinary Glasses"

Ordinary Glasses, oil on panel, 9" x 12",
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