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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Day 28 - Tagged

So, graffiti has a long and controversial history.  I myself can appreciate some graffiti.  Some would say all graffiti is a form of self expression and is therefore art.  I say, some graffiti is definitely art, and some graffiti is just plain stupid.  Just my opinion though.  Today's painting is titled "Tagged" because the graffiti behind the lady is what I understand to be tags, basically, the 'signature' of the person who wrote it there.  I have never cared for this kind of graffiti.  Much of it looks the same, slap dash and not well thought out.  Nothing artful about it.  However, when wandering around Prague on street view yesterday, I noticed more graffiti on the walls than seemed normal, at least where I am from.  It is literally everywhere... I was intrigued by this lady (who reminded me of my grandmother, how she always dressed impeccably) probably going home from shopping, with the graffiti covered wall behind her.  I almost titled the painting, "Turning a Blind Eye" because it seemed to me that perhaps she has walked down this street her whole life, but it wasn't always riddled with graffiti.  Now it is, and she has to walk by it everyday.... So she turns a blind eye.... Anyway, who knows.  That's what I love about painting.... the stories they tell.  Maybe you see a different story!

Tagged, oil on panel, 6"x6"
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