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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Day 15 - A Beautiful day in Pirkanmaa

Well, I am half way through this challenge.... It definitely has been challenging this time around, as I have a big commission I am finishing and making a frame for... Was down the basement today putting a special finish on the frame I made through out the week... So, I didn't get to my studio until almost 6:30 tonight.  Thank God for my hubby who has been taking my son to Basketball practices and picking up the slack with grocery shopping etc...... I remember reading some famous artist (wish I could remember who.. was it Picasso?) said all artists need a wife.  Of course this was back in the 50's when the art world was a man's world.... But, there is a grain of truth to that, excepting, of course, I am the wife.  So, we should change that to spouse and update it into the 21st century.  There, I feel better now.
Anyway!  Today we are visiting Finland... somewhere called Pirkanmaa.  So, I have Finnish (and Estonian) heritage running through my blood and that is what inspired me to paint a street view from this beautiful country.  May you have a restful night, and enjoy!

A Beautiful Day in Pirkanmaa, oil on panel, 6"x6"
please click here to purchase

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