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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

And so the framing begins

Frame making has begun!   It is sometimes a challenge for me to transition from painting mode to frame making mode, though the different ways of thinking required for each are both a big part of who I am.  I have always been a hands on, more physical kind of gal (hence the table saws, router tables and chop saws...) but also have a deep creative streak (of course... my painting). But switching back and forth between the two modes sometimes feels like trying to slow down and turn around a freight train going full speed down the tracks...  At least that is how things are going this time around.  I know there are other artists out there that paint and make their own frames or easels so I am not the only one switching brains like this.   Anyway.... just an observation I though I'd share.  So here are some of the frames I am making for an artist friend of mine, Gloria Urban.  I like the design she asked me to create for her, just a simple 1 1/4" wide frame with a 1/16" bead around the outside edge, so I am naming this frame.... the Gloria!  I'll have to let her know... :)  I am also starting a commission this week and will post some pics of how that is going soon.

6 frames sanded, glued, nailed and clamped while drying.

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