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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Day 12 of the 30 in 30 - "Stripes in Kuala Lumpur"

Well, I have fallen a day behind in the 30 in 30!  Oh no!  The good thing is that there are no laws dictating that I MUST post a pic every day, so I won't be going to jail any time soon.... :)
Anyway, today's painting is in the Worlds 8th most visited city in the world - Kuala Lumpur.  The capital of Malaysia, it is also the largest city.  I, for some reason was attracted to all of the colorful buildings in Kuala Lumpur.  Something that is sorely lacking in cities like New York.  It is funny how when you look around cities you start to notice things like this.  You can go up and down the street in Kuala Lumpur and find bright, colorful sometimes outrageously designed buildings. This, once again made it hard to choose what to paint.  I opted for this building as I liked the people sitting in the cafe setting and the very rigid striped pattern of yellow and red.  Lots of patterns in this one and also a very different composition from the other "Glimpsed" paintings I am doing.

Stripes in Kuala Lumpur, oil on panel, 4"x18"
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