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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Day 14 of my Holiday Painting Spree - "Refuge" + the winner of my Painting Giveaway

"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: Music and Cats" - Albert Schweitzer

I love how you can find quotes on the internet on just about any subject... This one from renown Nobel Laureate, theologian, and musician Albert Schweitzer seemed fitting for today's painting of a scruffy yet lovable looking Tom cat.  This kitty is asking for attention, or maybe a bowl of milk?  Whatever the case, he probably is willing to bring some relief to the miseries in his master's life.  The genuine joy of having a companion pet is the unconditional love they give, whether deserved or not. On the flip side, there are those of us two legged beings who provide much needed refuge to animals in need. My mom is one of them, caring for rescue dogs, wild birds, the deer that frequent her back yard and most recently, a scruffy cat who lives in the woods behind her house. <3  For sure, we should all treat our animal friends with kindness and refuge.

Refuge, oil on panel, ready to hang
to purchase please click here

And, the winner of this weeks painting giveaway is...

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