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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Day 5 of my Holiday Painting Spree - "Monet"

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 
It is Turkey day here in the USA and I will be busily cooking and eating throughout the day! I hope everyone has a wonderful day with family and friends and eats so much that you wonder why you did that to yourself.  
In other news, today's painting is 2nd in a mini series of roosters I am painting.  Today's painting is titled "Monet" in honor of the great impressionist, Claude Monet.  I heard a great story about him and his career yesterday - While he lived his later years enjoying the fruits of his artistic labor, evidently he started out quite poor, having to resort to borrowing and begging for money! (Gives me hope...) Anyway, it was fascinating to hear that he spent loads of time and money designing his famous gardens at Giverny - importing water lillies and installing complex water features and irrigation systems. 
When painting today's rooster, I couldn't help but imagine him pecking around those gardens in Giverny. I wonder, did Monet ever include chickens in any of his paintings?

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Monet, oil on panel, ready to hang, 6"x6"
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How 2 rooster paintings could look hanging in your home :)

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