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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Day 4 - Watching the Cloud

So, this young lady was an un-witting model down the shore this year.  I snapped a few photos of her as she walked on by checking her cell phone messages as she walked down the boardwalk.  I sometimes feel guilty when I take 'secret' photos of people who I hope to paint some day... but I justify it with the knowledge that I photograph subjects that I find have an inner beauty in some way... I merely hope I can express this beauty in my paintings.  After I painted this, I was not totally happy with it, particularly the cell phone aspect of it. So, I photoshopped a version of the painting that includes butterflies....  I am posting both here as I am still not sure if I will be taking out the cell phone at some point in the future and adding in the butterflies.  Let me know what you think.. should I leave the painting as it is.. with the representation of modern technology... or should I take out the cell phone and add some pretty butterflies???  As always, thanks for looking and have a great rest of the evening!!

Watching the Cloud,  16"x20",oil,
to purchase, please click here
Butterfly Girl, oil on panel,
\Let me know if you think I should add butterflies instead!

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