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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Day 28 - Graffiti Text

I snapped this picture as I was walking out of a Wawa (a PA based convenience store/gas station) a few weeks back. This guy was just perfectly posed right outside the door and I actually had my phone at the ready! The background was of course cars, gas pumps and chaos, but I opted for a background of graffiti, as it seemed appropriate.  I also was experimenting with the paint itself. I typically use a limited palette - Titanium white, Alizarin Crimson, Cad. Yellow, and Ultramarine Blue. (and sometimes Phthalo green)  But this scene called for something different.  The colors needed to be bright and pure.  Sooo, I used... Titanium white, Quinacridone Red (love that word), Transparent yellow, transparent orange, (by Rembrandt) and prussian blue - all of which are transparent colors (minus the white) that have a bit more umph to them.  I only added the white towards the end of the painting.  This is a technique I have known about from reading about another artist who uses this technique (Dreama Tolle Perry) to achieve pure, bright colors.  I am relatively happy with the results but feel I need to experiment with it more.  The graffiti in the background is simply because I am fascinated by graffiti, and have included it in several paintings I have done previously.  I love the ambiguity and abstract quality of it.

Graffiti Text, oil on panel, 18"x24"
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