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Friday, September 23, 2016

Day 23 - Still Standing Strong

Things are happening in this country that many people are not happy about. I read every day on facebook and in emails how worried everyone is because of the two candidates running for president. The news reports horrific things that are happening throughout the country. And so on and so on... If you were to listen to what people are 'saying' you would think we live in a country that is falling apart and the people hate each other and life sucks. But you know what? I am thinking about my family. My neighbors. All of the hardworking, honest people I know who keep on keeping on, doing what they do and proud to live the lives they are living. I am thinking of all the people I know who show love and friendship even with different political and religious views from me. No matter what the media says, and no matter how crazy this election gets, I still believe in the power and strength of the citizens of this country. They are what makes this country great and I believe that we are all still standing strong... and will keep standing strong. Don't believe everything you read.Look around you to find the good and keep fighting to live a true and honest life. Peace... :)

Still Standing Strong, oil, 6"x6"
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