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Friday, May 20, 2016

Ringing True

A new Vintage Phone! I love painting these old phones.  Their lines, the way the material (what are they made of anyway?) reflects and absorbs light, the nostalgia of them... I just love them!  The crop of an image is also important to me.. When you crop an image to show only part of it, the negative space becomes that much more important.  And lastly, I had fun with the cast shadow in this pic.  I think it really adds depth...

Ringing True, oil, 9"x12",
to puchase, please click here

I have had some of my artist friends ask me what my preferred brushes are to paint with.  I would have to say my go to brush is the Masterstroke bristle brushes put out by Dick Blick.  I prefer flats and use sizes 2,3,4 and 6 extensively.  They are pictured below and I used them almost exclusively to paint this picture.  Also pictured is a small fan brush, of no particular make... just a cheapy one that I picked up at a local art supply store, but one of my necessary brushes definitely!

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