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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Day 7 - The West Side

I started this painting using a picture I snapped as a passenger driving West on 422 around sunset one day.  The colors the sky was offering were appealing and I decided to try to translate that into a Stripey.  I have been discovering that painting these things large is very different than painting them on a smaller scale.  There are a few aspects of this painting that I want to work on, but the paint is so thick and obviously quite wet that I can't work on it anymore tonight.  I am thinking I need to try these in acrylic.  It just so happens, my wonderful hubby bought me an entire set of professional acrylics for Christmas... Convenient....

West Side,  oil on canvas, 12" x 24",

Here is the painting with top lighting to show the texture

West Side, same painting, slightly different lighting

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