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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Day 12 - Montana Daydream

Wow... today was the rainiest day I have seen in a long time in Eastern PA... I thought it would be nice to paint a sunny day landscape with warm hues to brighten things up a bit.  I have to say, though, there are those days in the studio when you think a painting is going to be simple, there is no good reason why it shouldn't be straight forward.... but for some reason, it doesn't work that way.  Today's painting was exactly that way.  This one fought me tooth and nail and I am not convinced it shows just how much effort I put into it.  But, that's o.k.  You learn something from every painting, good or bad.  So this one is called Montana Daydream... maybe because I was daydreaming of a sunnier day...

Montana Daydream, oil on panel, 6" x 6",
to purchase, please click here

 Here is a closeup of one section to show off the texture...

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