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Monday, September 22, 2014

Day 22 of the 30 in 30 challenge - Everything's fine

I spent a lot of time today preparing for tomorrow as I am going on my first ever plein air painting expedition with some artist friends of mine.  Plein air simply means that I will be painting outside in nature, instead of in my studio.   I have been planning and studying all about plein air painting for some time now and over the past month or so, with the help of my husband and many online examples, I have designed a plein air easel to take with me tomorrow.  I was going for simplicity, light weight and usability.  I finished things off today by cutting my pallet so it will hang nicely on the tripod (which you can see in the picture below) and making some wet panel holders for easy transportation of finished paintings.  When I finished with all of that, I didn't have a lot of time left to actually paint a painting.  I had originally wanted to try the system out outside.  But it got too late, so I tried it out in my studio, using a reference photo, instead of the real McCoy... (a.k.a. nature...)  I used a photo I took awhile back of a many layered landscape with some pretty interesting color shifts.  Below my painting I included a picture of the easel.  

Everything's Fine, oil on panel, 6"x6",
to purchase please click here

Amazing plein air easel system my husband and I designed
Love how everything came together...
Just want to say, I love the easel as it fits all of the requirements I was going for, and more! And I want to thank my awesome husband for doing almost all of the work to design and build it!

Close up of inside paint storage area.. Can also see how the pallet attaches to the tripod.

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