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Monday, July 14, 2014

Winning entry for the Axcess Benefactor Award

Yay!  The gallery I show my work through sponsors a contest along with a local company interested in the arts. I entered this contest in the past and won once.  Well, I entered again and my painting titled "Axcess at Summit and 222" won the award! I am very pleased that my work is being acknowledged as successful!  Below is the painting.  I took reference photos for this painting as I happened to be following one of the Axcess trucks home one day.  And I happened to have my camera with me.  Luck.  :)  Of the 50-60 photos I snapped (yes, while driving... o.O... but not looking through the viewfinder...) This one stood out compositionaly as the best.  I altered a few things (like I removed some of the powerlines and signs) and came up with this final pic.  Also chose to use a limited palette, which has been serving me well lately.

Axcess at Summit and 222, 18" x 18", oil on panel
winner of the Axcess benefactor award

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