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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Reiffton Fire House and Social Quarters Commission

Well, last night was the 'unveiling' of the painting I did for the Reiffton Fire House...  It was so much fun and a huge success!  I thank everyone for their kind comments and am so happy that everyone is pleased with the results!  I enjoyed working on this commission as it used so many of my skills (not just painting).  I feel like a true painting historian!  I put my photoshop skills to use, photography, and of course painting.  Am excited to say that I got another commission to paint a historical house that has been in the Daniel Boone family!  This one will be similar in that I will have to do the same kinds of things I needed to do to complete the Reiffton painting.
 Without further ado, here it is.  Enjoy, and as always, thank you for looking!  Also, if you are in the mood for reading some more, look further below to read in detail about the painting and trucks in it... :)

Reiffton Fire House and Social Quarters 100th Anniversary Commemorative Painting,
Oil on Canvas, 18"x24", 2013

100th Anniversary Commemorative Painting

The management and board of trustees of the Reiffton Social Quarters hired local artist Karen Weber to create a painting to help commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Reiffton Fire Company and social quarters.  The artist conceptualized the painting as a blend of old and new as it includes fire trucks that the company has owned and operated throughout the 100 years it has been in operation.  The image portrayed in the painting includes two antique fire trucks from the early 1900’s and 1951 and one contemporary fire truck which is still in operation as of 2013. 

The Reiffton Fire Company and social quarters building is also an integral part of the painting as the architecture is unique to the station.  While the building has expanded through the years to house more fire trucks and include the social quarters, the integrity of the architectural style has been maintained and its beauty has been preserved.

Prints of this painting are available through the artist.  You can contact her at

This photograph is the property of a private collector and can be found by clicking here 

In 1930 a firemen's convention was held in Reading. Earl R. Anderson, a local publisher and member of the convention steering committee, photographed  many of the fire companies in Berks County. This is a picture of the Reiffton Fire Company with a pumper truck owned by the company.  The truck is circa early 1900’s.
(The picture above is from the Berks County Historical website.)

1951 Mack Pumper truck owned by the Reiffton Fire Company

In 1951, the Reiffton Fire Company purchased a new Mack Engine.  This engine served Exeter Twp. and St. Lawrence Borough for many years. The engine was sold to a collector and was returned in 2010 via flatbed truck from Texas.  The company started to refurbish the engine starting on the mechanical items. The engine went through several stages of upgrades. As of 2012, the pump maintenance was completed, pump flushed and pumped for the first time in over 20 years.  ETFD is one of the few departments able to save its history with a historical engine. 
The truck will be used in parades and other local events.  (Information gathered from /

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