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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I am always trying new things in my studio.  Sometimes they work out, others don't.  Dreama Tolle Perry is an artist I have been looking at recently and I have been trying to figure out her technique.  She uses almost all transparent oil colors and has a method in which she applies them onto the canvas that gives the paintings vibrancy and light.  That is what this cow painting is about.  There are things about the painting I like and others I am not necessarily pleased with, but all in all, good learning experience...  When I finished this little girl, I thought it kind of looked Monet-ish, hence the name, Moo-net..... I know... very cheeky, but what do you want?  Anyway, I also love using this online slide show maker to show the painting's progression... Hope you like!

Moonet, 9"x12", oil on panel, 2013

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