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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Back from Vacation and good news!

My family and I went camping for the past few days in a fabulous state park called Little Buffalo.  It was great fun and everyone (I hope) had a happy, memorable experience.  Lots of sun, swimming, cooking outdoors and relaxing around a campfire.  Just wish we could have stayed a bit longer.... but, all in all it was very nice.  AND,  I just got some happy news!  My painting titled "Take me out for a row" which was in the front window at Art Plus sold today!  So nice....  Apparently to a "very nice lady".  Well.  I am now at the point where people I have never met have my artwork hanging in their home.  Which I suppose is a bit of a milestone for me.  Hooray!  So, all those pictures I took while on vacation that I thought to myself, "This could be a cool painting".... Will be turning up here soon!

Michael, Meilea, Andrew and Rowan at the cabin in Little Buffalo

These are the boats that sold... Yea!

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