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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Busy being a Mom

So, with the last few weeks of school gone and the first week of summer vacation over and done with.... I maybe am beginning to establish some kind of routine.  Maybe.  I never say anything is definite because with kids, you just don't know,  but I am trying hard to get up in my studio on a regular basis.  I DID finish a (beautiful) painting today, but didn't photograph it yet because the light was sucky with rain and clouds and whatnot.  But I will post it tomorrow.  In the meantime, I really have been doing art related things!  Just not a whole lot of painting.  I participated in a street festival this past weekend called Art on the Avenue in West Reading.  Below are some pics I took of the event.  It was loads of fun and I displayed 3 paintings.  Unfortunately none sold but all is o.k.  I displayed with Art Plus gallery so I didn't have to rent a spot... But I got lots of ideas and maybe next year...
Kevin and Rowan

Meilea in her heels

Setting up the tents outside of Art Plus

Harry and JD

Little girl doing silk painting


Somethings wrong with this nose...

Three Paintings I displayed at the show

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