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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Antique Gas Pump

This painting is of an antique gas pump that sits behind the Art Plus Gallery in Reading, Pa.  I saw it the first time I parked out back and luckily had my camera in the car with me.  After I took pictures of it, I told one of the artists who was gallery sitting at the time, and she said... "yes, we have had many people offer to buy it from us, but it is not for sale!"  It is an attractive 'thing', I guess to many people.  Is it nostalgia? Or maybe the colors and rust...  Not sure what, but when I posted this painting along with the strawberries from last post and the Green tomatoes, and asked people which painting was their favorite... Guess what?   This one won!

Antique Gas Pump behind Art Plus Gallery,  6" x 6", oil on canvas

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