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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Owl painting from start to finish: Part 2

Below are pictures of the Owl still life painting in progress.  I started this one with a sketch in thinned down oil with an and tinted the whole canvas that burnt sienna type hue.
The sketch is kind of loose and not perfect but I do try to get proportions and positions as accurate as possible in the initial sketch.  Here I tried the sketch in oil, as opposed to pencil or charcoal.  It has it's pros and cons.  Notice the marks on the sides of the canvas marking it into thirds and halves.  Place these markers on your canvas as reference points as you sketch your painting.
Here I am trying Carol Marine's method of painting in what she calls "islands of color",  In other words, colors that need to remain vibrant and pure, paint them in first, as islands that you then surround with the background.  I have typically found painting the background first seems to make more sense, but I wanted to look at things a different way.

After I have the main objects blocked in, I start blocking in the background.  I am not concerned yet with minor details.  As I work, things will come together.

I just noticed the poor quality of these photos. They are quite blurry.  If I have time, I will see if I have any that are better quality.  As for now, they get the basic point across.

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