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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Owl painting from start to finish: Final part

The last pictures
Maybe for the next time lapse I will better edit my photos.
Cropping is probably in order.

Continuing to refine.  I wasn't happy with the vinca coming out of the vase, so I got rid of the offending part.  I am also figuring out how I am going to represent the metal candle stick and the white of the vase.  I used the impressionist trick of mixing the complementary colors of purple and yellow to make the grays in the white.  Does that make sense?

And it is basically finished.  It was a challenging painting for various reasons.  Painting glass so that it appears transparent and "glassy" takes close observation, and painting metal also poses challenges.  The vinca continued to trouble me due to the slight foreshortening that happened near the bottom right of the canvas.  I feel that I didn't actually leave this part as un-finished as it looks in this picture.  I will have to investigate to see if I finished it and forgot to take the final photo.  The owl is a bit shell shocked, also, but I think that is kind of why I like him.  Never blinking, always alert.

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