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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pear studies

I have been doing larger paintings for a few weeks pretty much because I got a great deal on 18" x 24" canvases at Michaels, and I stocked up.  After working big, I tend to want to scale back and do smaller paintings.  That is how I came to do these 6" x 6" paintings of pears.  Also, it is harvest time around here and the local orchards have all kinds of great fall produce.  These pears were dying to be painted and I think I bought them more because of their beauty and not for eating, (although they did get eaten.... and some are being made into pear brandy by my hubby)  Anyway, here are two little studies of pears that I finished today.

Bowl of pears, acrylic on canvas, 6" x 6", 2012

Two Pears, acrylic on canvas, 6" x 6", 2012

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