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Monday, June 18, 2018

Crab Crazy!

I painted this painting for the Plein Air West Reading event that I took part in last week. Happily, it sold to a wonderful and kind woman named Liz, who lives in Providence, RI.  I wanted to share the beautiful story she related to me about why she purchased it.

Crab Crazy, oil, 12x12, sold
Liz grew up in Exeter, Pa, and graduated from Exeter HS in 1979.  She now lives in Rhode Island, but still frequently comes down to PA to visit her mom and dad.  She told me that they are getting older, and it occurred to her that there is going to be a time when they sadly are not going to be around anymore.  Consequently, there won't really be a reason for her to come back to this area to visit....  She wanted a way to capture the memories of this area... memories of her childhood and growing up, and memories that she is creating now when she comes to visit.  She told me that photographs are ok.  But, they really don't capture the spirit of an area the way she would like.  However, she feels that paintings do... About a year ago, she actively began seeking out artwork that depicted scenes of Berks county, Exeter township and the surrounding areas.  In her words, she told me that she began "collecting memories".  My painting is a memory for her that she and her father have recently been creating.  Every time she comes down to visit, she will call her dad, and he asks her what she wants him to order from Crab Crazy so that a meal will be waiting for her when she arrives.  When she saw my painting, she knew it was a memory she wanted to keep forever.  I am so honored and happy that my artwork will take a place in her home to help her keep her memories alive.  It gives me joy to know that fine art plays such an important role in people's lives and to know that I play a little part in this. Thank you Liz! <3 :)  


  1. Karen,
    What a wonderful story! Your art is helping with memories and love.

    1. Thank you Pam! I think most art does that.. I just was fortunate to meet a person who articulated it so well! :)


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