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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Berks Art Alliance Demonstration

I am doing a demonstration at the Berks Art Alliance tonight where I will demonstrate my alla prima techinque and talk about my materials and process that I have developed over the past few years. I wanted to post a video that shows one of my paintings being painted from start to finish as a supplement to my talk, and for people to reference later if they wish.  Below is a time lapse video of a painting I did yesterday which is very similar to the one I will be demonstrating tonight. 

* Please scroll all the way down to see the finished painting with a link to purchase.

Materials used:

Medium: 2 parts linseed oil, 1 part stand oil, 1 part gamsol

Paint: Titanium white, buff titanium white, cad red pale, cad red medium, cad yellow pale, ultramarine blue, burnt umber

Brushes: Blick Master stroke bristle brushes - Flats sizes 3,4,6,8,10, filbert size 4; 
Silver Bristlon - long filbert 6, regular filbert 4
Generic fan brush - smallish

Assorted Palette knives

Panel - Tempered hardboard panel coated with 2 coats of GAC 100 and 2 coats of white gesso

Finished Painting

House Sparrow on Red Chuck, oil on panel, 9"x12"
to purchase, please click here

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