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Friday, September 2, 2016

Day 2 of the 30 in 30 - Watching Her Back

Happy day two of the 30 in 30!  I am having a lot of fun painting... and experimenting. :)  I have a good painting friend who shared a secret with me that he learned during a workshop... it involves a tissue and closing your eyes and I ended up trying that out today... good times people.. good times...  Anyway, here is my painting for today!  You will find throughout this challenge that many of my photo references I am using to make these paintings are of my two awesome kids... They graciously obliged me one extremely hot day a few weeks back and acted as models for me... while donning prom dresses and cowboy hats.. in a farmer's field... yes, I have some great kids!  Anyway, this is the first painting from those pics I took that day.  More paintings are sure to come! :) Thanks for looking and I hope you have a great start to your Labor Day weekend folks!

Watching Her Back, oil, 11"x14",
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