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Sunday, August 21, 2016

It's been awhile...

Well, I haven't posted for about a month, something I need to improve upon! Its been a busy past few weeks - summer vacationing, family get-togethers, getting my daughter ready for college (!), and a few minor family illnesses have all made it a challenge to get to my studio.  But I have painted a bit, and I even hung a solo exhibition at Judy's on Cherry, a great restaurant in Reading, just last week!  While helping my kids get ready for school and the big schedule change about to hit, I am also busily preparing for the upcoming 30 paintings in 30 days that I will be participating in for the 5th time! If you just found out about me and my work, the 30 in 30 is an online painting challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta, a palette knife painter from California.  You can read more about it here  
I am really excited about this one as I have a theme for this one (it evolved very naturally from the work I have been doing for the past year or so) and have most of my reference photos ready to go.  I have to prepare my canvases and panels, but.... I was incredibly fortunate to get some big canvases at exceptional prices the other week.  So I feel like I will be set for this one.  Stay tuned, as I will blog more about it and what I plan on doing.  And once September starts, I will be blogging everyday, and have many new paintings to show!

Below are the collages of my paintings from the past 30 in 30 challenges I have taken part in.  Click on each one to go to the posts about those challenges. 

September 2014 challenge

January 2015 challenge

September 2015 challenge

January 2016 Challenge

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