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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

3 Silos in Berks county

When I go about 5 miles North East of my home in St. Lawrence, there is just some of the most beautiful, beautiful scenery around...  Open farm land, interesting barns and outbuildings that abstract themselves into the landscape.  This painting came from a picture I took when my family went to Dorney park (of all places...) a few weekends ago.  The silos, the red roofs, yellow whatever kind of plants they are in the foreground.... It all comes together into what I think is an intriguing composition.  I think more farms are in my future.  (Actually, I know more are since there is one on my easel right this moment waiting to be finished!)  As a first attempt at painting a landscape with a semi-complex array of buildings, I am pleased.  Hope you are too!  The painting is oil on panel, which presented a new dilemma.  How to frame...

Consequently, I have also been busy designing a new style of frame for these larger panels.  My original floater frames didn't seem quite right for this type of surface.  So, below is a picture of the painting in the frame I designed.  Let me tell you, framing is an art form in itself and poses its own set of challenges.  I'll have to write a post about this some time!  The frame isn't fancy or anything, but, let me just say this, building it involved a table and a miter saw, a router, four sessions of sanding, staining and a final rub down with finishing wax.  You'd never know just looking at it!!!

3 Silos, 14" x 16", oil on panel


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