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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

No more daffodils

Well, technically, I may paint more daffodils, but around here, in eastern PA, the daffodils are just about over for spring.  Tulips are in full bloom around here now, and spring is just moving right along!  Happy May!  Which I can't believe because I swear, March was just yesterday, but apparently April happened in there somewhere.  Anyway, here is another daffodil painting.  I actually finished this last week, however, I have been busy preparing for the opening at Art Plus Gallery, which is Tomorrow!  In addition to painting, I have been making frames for my artwork.  Not exactly my thing, but you do what you must when you are just starting out.....  I will post some pictures of my artwork at the show.  There are 3 paintings that made it in and I am excited to meet some of the other artists tomorrow night.  Now, without further ado, Daffodil.

Delicate Beauty, 5" x 7", oil on canvas

I didn't realize that painting this one was going to be more challenging than the first.  But it was...  Painting yellow, which is not really yellow, but some pale, delicate version of it (as in the petals) and then getting the multiple shades of ... salmon (?) in the front part of the flower.....  well, challenging, as I said.  Color keeps me coming back.

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