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Friday, May 31, 2013

Idea from Leslie Saeta's blog

I follow and learn from an amazing woman artist and marketing guru named Leslie Saeta. She started her art career later in life and is now immensely successful.  She hosts a weekly online radio show called artists helping artists and challenges artists everywhere to get better at marketing their artwork.  In addition she is just an awesome person.  I was perusing her blog archives and decided to read some of her posts from when she just started (waaaay back in 2009... Just kidding) anyway, I came across this post which I pasted below.  I love the idea, and if anyone out there is following my blog in the background and have a photo you'd like me to paint, I would love to give this a go!  Visit Leslie's blog and website.  Maybe even listen to a radio show... And please send me your photos!  You can email them to me at, or friend me on facebook and post a picture there!
Karen Weber's facebook page


Challenge #1: Send me your photos for a painting!

  OK, I had so much fun painting the South Pasadena pictures from Laurie Allee's blog at that I am going to do a painting like this every week! (Thanks again Laurie for sending all your friends to my blog!) All you need to do is email me a photo and I will pick one each week to paint. The photo can be anything ... cityscapes, landscapes, the beach, your child, your dog ... anything will do. Just send them to me asap. Be sure and send them in jpeg format and I will handle cropping and preparing them for the painting. Just remember that if you send me your photo (and it needs to be one that you have actually taken) you are giving me permission to paint it. I will post the photo and painting one week later. Thanks!

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