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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dog Portrait Commission

I am friends with a great lady who asked me to paint a portrait of her dogs.  Actually, it is the woman in the picture I painted of the horse a few posts back.  I started the dog portrait process by going over to her house and taking a bunch of photos of her dogs and getting the feeling for what kind of composition she was interested in as well as color scheme, etc.  For those of you who have more than one dog and have tried to get them all together to get one good picture of them... well, you know it is nearly impossible.  My friend has 3 dogs, 2 of whom are wiggly and high energy.  Point being, I got a lot of great pics of her dogs separately, some where 2 of them were looking good, but not really any with all 3 posing perfectly.  Soooooo, the composition I have come up with is a compilation of actually 5 different photographs.  One each of her 3 dogs, another that was a good background from her kitchen, and lastly one of my friend giving them treats (in an effort to get them to pose). I put a lot of thought into the composition, knowing a little about each of the dogs personalities, and also from discussing what kind of composition she was looking for.  This may not be the final painting for her, but I needed to get started on something, and was excited to do a painting that used more than one photo as a reference, which, I haven't ever done.  The 2 pics included here are what I have done so far.  I will post more pics as I get more done...
Initial drawing on canvas - 18"x20"
Under painting and beginning of Jane

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