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Art Tips, Tricks and Advice

I love discovering new things that help me to be a better artist.  Whether it be a studio tip, a painting technique, a poetic quote,  or some little (or big) thing that helps me on my road of artistic discovery I will post it here.  Please stop by to see if there is something here that may help you out! 
I hope there is something for everyone...

Studio tips
+ Painters go through ALOT of paper towels in an effort to keep colors "clean".  When new telephone books arrive at your doorstep, instead of throwing the old one in the recycling bin, take it to your studio open it up and use it as a brush wiping station. You still will need paper towels, but a lot less.  And when the page you are wiping on gets too used, simply tear it out and, voila, new page!


To check your accuracy, view your work in a mirror.  This will give you a fresh look rather than simply turning your piece upside down.

+Nice tip on discovering palletes from photos using photo editing tools from this great website: http://fyeaharttips.tumblr.com/post/39076079810/mangycoyote-i-got-a-few-people-asking-about-the

Art resource websites:

https://sites.google.com/site/4chanic/ - This site is intended to serve as a one-stop source of useful art related links and information. On this website you should find all you need to get better at drawing. You'll also find a variety of useful tools and articles. Credit goes to the Anonymous community of 4chan's artwork and critique image board (/ic/) for links and such. I do not claim ownership of any material posted on this website unless otherwise stated.

http://fyeaharttips.tumblr.com/ - a site with tutorials, references, tips, and links to anything art. Pretty good!

http://www.jerrysartarama.com/community/art-tips.html : this link takes you to Jerry's, an art supply stor, but the page has some useful tips...and some not so useful... Still worth a look.
Paint brushes

This tip is from Jerry's art arama: 

Natural bristle or sable brushes getting scruffy?  Inexpensive hair conditioner will bring back some spring to the bristles.  If the bristles in your brushes are losing their shape, at the end of your painting session, apply a bit of hair gel after cleaning.  This tip works whether bristles are made of acrylic or natural hair.

Art promotion

http://www.artpromotivate.com/ - a website to motivate and promote artists!

http://artistshelpingartistsblog.blogspot.com/  - If you don't know about this website....you must must must go and have a look.  Leslie Saeta is an artist and art marketing guru.  She hosts a weekly podcast about how to promote your art as well as tons of other info for artists!  The best there is!

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